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Near miss from Cyclone Lusi

Near miss from Cyclone Lusi

Thank you to everyone that has emailed asking if all is ok after Cyclone Lusi moved through the Vanuatu islands. I can confirm that all is fine and thankfully the cyclone held to its forecast track and moved away from us at the right time. There was lots of rain and wind and unfortunately it created an unpleasant few days for our guests. There was no damage to the resort and things will be tidied up quickly.

The cyclone was not a large one, just category 2 but it has now intensified to a category 3 and continues to make it’s way all the way south to NZ. The job of these cyclones is to move hot water away from the equatorial regions and distribute it south – cyclone Lusi is definitely doing that.

With just a few weeks to go of this cyclone season, hopefully that will be one of the last ones.


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