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Meet our new Head Chef!

Meet our new Head Chef!

Brad Smith has taken over the reins of Head Chef at Eratap, he has been in the role for 3 weeks and is already delighting the palates of our guests.

Brad is a highly experienced Kiwi chef who has travelled extensively but has been basing himself in Australia the last few years. He took a liking to the warmer regions of Australia and has been working as Head Chef at Eco Beach Resort near Broome and Crab Claw Island Resort near Darwin.

He has been extremely busy since arriving at Eratap sourcing new ingredients, meeting all the suppliers, writing new menus and creating some amazing specials. He will be changing every menu (including breakfast) over the coming weeks, introducing them one at a time to allow the kitchen staff to adjust accordingly.

He has been using the lunch and dinner specials as a way of introducing his new food and seeing what the guests of Eratap prefer, this will help him build the new menus – all based on what you like!

We welcome Brad to Eratap and Vanuatu and we know you will all enjoy the extensive experience he will bring to the kitchen.

Here are a couple of examples of his specials so far:


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