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Eratap Village protects inshore reefs from over fishing

Eratap Village protects inshore reefs from over fishing

Today the Eratap Village Council put in place a ban on reef fishing on many of the inshore reefs around Eratap. This was in response to increased fishing pressure due to the availability of cheap fishing nets and the increase in the number of local citizens using the area to collect food.

The Resort welcomed such a ban and praise the Village Council for making such a difficult decision. It is a big sacrifice for the people of Eratap to stop eating locally caught fish which had made up a large part of their diet. Some areas have been kept open but only areas that have not been over fished.

The people of Eratap can be commended for adhering to this ban and at the Resort we have not seen any villagers ignoring it. This just goes to show you how respectful the community are of nature and how vulnerable it is in this modern society where netting is common place.

The length of the ban is unkown but already we have seen a marked improvement in sea life. Most notably is the increase in sightings of our resident Dugongs. We have 3 adults and a baby living around the Resort and since the removal of the fishing nets the dugongs have enjoyed being able to move about with ease. We have been seeing them every week and one week they lived at the jetty making great viewing for everyone.

We look forward to continuing to see improvements as the months pass and alreayd the reefs are teaming with fish.


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