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Eratap guests sponsor all children in local school

Eratap guests sponsor all children in local school

Once again the wonderful guests of Eratap Beach Resort have kindly sponsored all the children in Years 7 & 8 at the Eratap Village School. This is such a huge help to the families of these children and guarantees the children will get to complete their all important year 8 exams. Education is only free up to year 6 in Vanuatu, thanks largely to Australian and NZ Government funding. However beyond Year 6 education must be paid for by the families. This can be a very difficult task for most families especially those living subsistently. Families with a number of children usually choose just one or maybe two children to go to school, the rest stay in the village to help the parents. It is really discouraging for the children who don’t get the chance to attend school. Education is pivotal to the well being of Vanuatu.

So a big thank you to all guests who contributed again in 2013. The guests of Eratap have now sponsored over 150 children over the last few years and this has made a massive difference to the people of Eratap.



  1. Denise Lanyon, 24/12/2013
    We are travelling to Vanuatu early January and are staying at Eratap for 10 nights. We would like to help provide support to the local school and we're wondering how best to do this. Is there anything they need that we could bring from Australia or is it better to contribute / provide more localised support?
    • Eratap, 26/12/2013
      Hi Denise, Thanks for your posting. We are looking forward to welcoming you in early January. The local school is always in need of things. Anything you can bring that is easily carried in the way of school materials is always greatly appreciated. The school has recently built a new library and so any educational books, especially ones with pictures, would be very warmly received. We'll arrange for them to get to the headmaster when you are here as the school will be closed. Thanks again and see you soon. Tony
  2. Sally Williams, 28/03/2014
    Hi we just saw your message about the school opening a library and we were wondering if you could provide a bit more guidance on the kinds of books that would be suitable. We would like to bring some with us later this year to give to the school.
    • Eratap, 28/03/2014
      Hi Sally, Thanks for your comment. Yes Eratap school has just completed it's new library, which is going to be wonderful for all the kids, it just needs lots of books! The type of books that would be great are story books for primary school students, picture educational books and history books. But really anything that is suitable reading for younger kids would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for thinking of this Tony


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